Ask to suck his cock(SLBC)

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You never sucked a dick before and your a little nervous about asking.

"I want to suck your dick, but I'm not sure how," you ask, "can you teach me how?"

"I can teach you, come here," he says, "get on your knees, Vivian."

You put a pillow down at his feet and kneel down. You pull his gym shorts down, realizing he has no underwear on, and a long and thick dark black cock is hanging down to his mid thigh. His cock is 12 inches long at least. You look up at him, eyes wide open, he smiles and says you'll be fine. You grab it with you hand and raise it to your lips. You open your mouth slowly and the tip touches your lips, its warm and soft, you wrap your lips around the enormous head of his cock. And slide down, trying to take it all in. He guides you up and down, teaching you, telling you to use your tongue. His cock is rock hard, you feel your cock getting hard too. You stroke it like he says and spit on it, stroking with both hands and sucking hard on the head of it.

You can't believe your doing this. Last week you dreamed of this, now it is a reality. He tells you to go hands free and to grab his ass. So with your hands on his ass, he puts his hands on your head and guides you. He pulls your head deep down on him cock, it hits the back of your throat and you gag. He laughs a little and says to relax and that he is gonna see how far he can get his cock down your throat. You tell him to go for it. He pulls you slowly down the length of it. It completely fill your mouth and your lips are stretched to the max around his cock. It hits the back of your throat and he keeps pushing, you feel your thoat squeezing it as it slowly slides down. Its goes down hard, about 6 inches of it slides down, you only gag a little. He pulls out to the tip and slides it back in. It goes down smoother this time, he pushes in til his balls hit your chin. All 12 inches of his horse cock are down your throat now.

He speeds up, throat fucking you now. You start to pull him toward you, he releases his hands from your head. Now your doing all the work, you slam your mouth on him, his balls slam against your chin. You hold it there lick his balls and try to force down the last bit. You pull all the way out to the tip and slam all the way back down. Over and over again. He starts moaning. Your throat is loose now and that huge cock slides easily down your throat. Now you feel hit cock tense. Is he gonna cum?

Ask him for anal(SLBC)

Ask him to cum(SLBC)

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