Ask him to take his armor off

From Create Your Own Story

He nervously laughs but when he sees your sirous expression he stops and his blush brightens. Not arguing with the prince he starts with his helmet reveling his short messy brown hair and light blue eyes. He seems embarrassed beyond belief but continues. Next he takes off his chest plate and under shirt. Like you'd expect from a knight he has rock hard abs but a surprisingly smooth chest. Trying to avoid being naked for as long as possible he takes off his boots. When you don't stop him he slowly takes off his lower armor pieces and underwear reviling his medium sized and mostly erect cock. He instictly puts his hands over his dick but takes them away and stood at attention still trying to present himself with some dignity.

Suck his cock(Snuff)

Get him to fuck you

Fuck him(Snuff)

Get him to suck your cock

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