Fuck him(Snuff)

From Create Your Own Story

You tell him to get on his hands and knees and sit ontop of the bed. He complies and when you stand behind him by the edge of the bed he shouts. "Wait! I'm sorry your majesty but please at least use lubricant. I don't think I could stand it without some." Being the merciful prince you are you give the knight his wish and make sure that your dick is nice and slick. Then you line up your dick and slowly shove it inside the knight. He groaned trying to get used to your dick. After a bit you start moving and his pain turns to pleasure. You pick up the pace and he starts getting into it moaning your name. Hearing him moan like that pushes you over the edge and you cum in his ass. He cries out and cums himself. After that you pull out of him and he falls over spent. You lay in bed next to him. He had passed out and as you studied his sleeping face you rembered his name as Owan. Thinking about the knight you drifted off to sleep as well.

You wake up(Snuff)

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