You wake up(Snuff)

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up alone in bed. You desided to get dressed and leave you bed chamber for once. When you open the door to your room you see Owan standing there midknock. He was back in his armor and from his clean appearance. He must have already taken a bath. You on the other hand may still need one but Owan didn't seem to care. "Your Majesty! I wasn't sure you where awake!" He said surprised. You noticed the blush creeping up on his face again but not over your nude body this time. "I wanted to ask you something." You tell him to continue and he sighed and said. "I know that I may be just a knight and that I have no right to feel like this for you but... I-I love you with all my heart an want to be with you." He grabbed you hands. "I want us to be together if you'll have me." He looks expectantly in your eyes. How do you react.

I love you too (Snuff)

No way (Snuff)

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