Get him to suck your cock

From Create Your Own Story

You tell him to get on the floor and suck your cock. He nervously walks up to you and kneels down coming to eye level with your cock. Still hoping you'll let him off easy he looks up at you but you just remind him to avoid scrapping your dick with his teeth. He looks back down and glups. With one hand he grabs your cock and starts to slowly pump it. Then he tentitivly licks the tip. Instinctively you hump his face causing him to recoil but then he slowly starts to take in you cock. Soon he takes in as much as he can then pulls back. He slowly starts to move up and down your cock. At the same time you notice that his own cock was now fully erect. He starts to get into it quickening the pace. It feels really good to say the least.

Cum in his mouth (Snuff)

Fuck him(Snuff)

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