Arcade Glitch/Male/SR1

From Create Your Own Story

You walk to the first door. As you pass through the doorway and enter the land that is both a diabetic's dream and nightmare, you can immediately see the effects that the adult upgrade has had on the normally rather child-like realm. The branches of the candy cane trees are shaped like phalluses, dotting the landscape with a forest of dicks, the gumdrop rocks appear to have onaholes in them now; and frosting-snow covered mountains now looks more like bukakked breasts.

The laughy-taffy seems to be assaulting a game sprite off in the distance as if it were a tentacle monster from a Japanese hentai movie. There appears to be an orgy off in another direction. And not far from where you currently stand a fully adult looking Vanellope von Schweetz is frantically frigging her clam with a candy cane dildo; her newly acquired breasts bouncing in rhythm with her energetic masturbation.

What do you do:

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