Arcade Glitch

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This story will take place in the world of Wreck it Ralph. It's like the story above, but a little simpler. You are a 19 year old kid, somewhat geeky, but also athletic. You just moved out to a new apartment just down the road from where your parents live.


You are walking around late at night. It's raining pretty hard, and thunder sounds pretty close. Your car had broken down on the far side of town and you had to walk home in this pouring rain. Eventually the rain became so bad that you could barely see in front of you. You look around and you can only see one building: Litwak's Arcade. You hurry over to it, hoping to find shelter. You find the back door ajar, You slip inside the dark building. You go into the main room to see a light in the far corner. There's a curtained off section that you've never seen before. You walk in and see Mr. Litwak working on a machine.

"Excuse me, sir?"

Mr. Litwak looks startled and jumps back.

"C-can I help you?"

"Sorry to bother you sir, but its storming out and my car broke down. Could I borrow a phone to call my parents"

"Why sure."

You try to call your parents, but the phone service seems to be down. This is one heck of a storm. So Mr. Litwak says you can stay for a while. You sit with him as he continues working on the machine.

'What're you doing sir?"

"Well, see...this is portion of the arcade." You look around to see games. "I'm working on installing this update to this game here to make it more...well, adult. It will increase looks, AI interaction, and other features. But, I'm not really tech savy."

"Well, I'm pretty good with computers, let me try."

After a few minutes of tinkering you think you've about got the upgrade box installed. You are holding the box and the power strip when it happens. Lightning strikes the power supply for the arcade. You feel a slight zap and everything goes dark.


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