Arcade Glitch/Male

From Create Your Own Story

Well, you think, this much is obvious. You confidently indicate that you are male. There is a blinding flash of white light. When you regain your vision you see the paper gone. Your body begins to buzz and vibrate. You feel your chest solidify. Down in your crotch a mass of flesh forms and sticks out, a full 11 inches, completely hard. Wow, you think, much bigger than before. Your body continues to vibrate. Your chest firms up with virtual muscle and tone . . . much more than you had before. You examine your new body. All-in-all you're pretty impressed.

Surge is staring at your new form. "Well, that just about does it. I've got to go make sure everyone is okay. I hope Ralph has finally gotten off of Peach. Good Luck!"

You go to:

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