...the young, pretty light-skinned woman

From Create Your Own Story

You slide you spirit into the young, pretty woman. A quick memory scan reveals you to be Karen Rodgers. You were only in this neighborhood because you had borrowed some money from a loan shark a couple of weeks ago when your paycheck got fouled up. Having paid it back tonight, you're heading back to your middle-class residence in the suburbs.

You are 27 years old, unattached and work as a phone agent in a call center. You're proud of your toned, fit, slim body. You are 5' 5", your breasts are 28B's, and you weigh about 110 pounds soaking wet. You go to the gym regularly to stay in shape.

The unpossessed Tyrone blinks in confusion, then recognizes his surroundings and steps into the entrance to his hideout. There's a hail of gunfire and a moment later his bullet-riddled body drops, dead, onto the ground.

You are possessing:
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