Ignore it and continue on back to your house

From Create Your Own Story

What just happened to Tyrone is none of your business. Obviously the two people you heard arguing while you were in his body had reason to be laying for him. You proceed on back towards your house.

When you arrive, there's already someone there. It's a man dressed as a preacher, with jet-black hair. He gives you a welcoming smile.

"I see you ignored the false orders of a lesser demon who pretended to be me," he grins. "Well done. You've also shifted bodies."

You nod. "I figured that wasn't the real Satan."

The preacher laughs. "Just keep doing what you're doing. Have fun and cause trouble for the foolish mortals. I'll be going now."

"Wait!" you hastily say. "The woman with the blonde hair... who is she? That the lesser demon also wanted me to destroy?"

The preacher's body quivers with laughter. "That's the horseman of Famine. She's always horny, and likes both girls and guys. If you want to have some fun with her, she'll be a willing and eager participant." He lifts his hand in a gesture of departure. "Bye now."

With a flash of red light and a lingering smell of sulphur, he departs with a POOF!

You decide to go to bed. The next morning, you wake up and go to your job. At 3 p.m. precisely [you work from 7 until 3] your boss lets you all leave with a smile as the shift changes.

You're young and pretty. Time to have some fun, by which you mean sex.

You are possessing:
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