Call the cops on your cell phone and report the shooting

From Create Your Own Story

You walk about 10 yards so you can get an address, then reach for your cell phone to call the cops. As you look up, you see a large man in a police uniform approaching. Even better. You walk over to him.

"Hi, Officer," you say. "I'd like to report a murder." You gesture to where the bullet-riddled body of Tyrone lies, just a few yards away. "It happened no more than a minute ago."

"Thanks, Miss," he grunts. "You go on now. I'll take things from here."

You haven't gone more than a block when you're stopped by a preacher with jet-black hair. "You shifted bodies."

"The one I was in kinda got filled with lead," you chuckle.

"You didn't happen to see a tall, bearded guy dressed like a cop anywhere, did you?" the preacher asks.

"Yeah, I did," you say. "He's a block that way." You point down the alley.

"Excellent!" rumbles the preacher. "You have done well. Go enjoy yourself." He hustles off down the alley, and you head back to your home, where you rest.

The next day, after work, you have to decide how to entertain yourself. Your lithe body draws plenty of looks. You go home, change out of your work clothes and into a sexy little number, and head for the bars.

You are possessing:
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