(LoK) Attack the SharpClaw

From Create Your Own Story

The SharpClaw is easily a foot taller than her and a lot stronger, but nothing could stop Krystal's rage right now. To Krystal, it feels like her head will explode with all the anger and pain she is feeling, so strong she can't even think straight. There is nothing in her mind but this, and with each punch it feels like a huge weight is lifted from her shoulders and with each kick she feels as if she has reclaimed a bit more of her pride. She continues punching until her arms turn to lead and she can punch no more, long after the SharpClaw is unconscious. Standing up, she steps over the body and the pool of blood accumulating around the barely-living SharpClaw male and pokes her head outside the building.

There seems to be a few huts scattered around a couple of hundred metres away, but thankfully there do not seem to be any SharpClaw within hearing distance and no-one seems to have noticed what has happened. Krystal's thoughts turn back to the day she was raped, and she looks at the SharpClaw she nearly killed with her bare hands. Overcome with emotions, she slumps against the wall and starts crying.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour

MP 0
Level 0
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