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This was no time to be crying she realises. She could deal with the trauma later - right now she needed to make sure she survived, and the first step to doing that was being well equipped. Pushing her emotions to the back of her mind, Krystal looks around the room for anything that could be of use to her. What she really needed was to contact the Great Fox, but the SharpClaw were a primitive race, and there was nothing she could use to communicate the ship. She also realises how vulnerable she feels without her prized staff. It definitely would have come in useful if she encounters these brutes again, and she can't trust her anger to help her a second time.

"Better to focus on what I do have, than what I don't", Krystal thinks to herself in an attempt at optimism. She glances at the unconscious SharpClaw. "It's not ideal, but that bastard's mace will serve as a temporary replacement for my staff. And there is plenty of food here, I just need a way to carry it..."

Krystal is on the verge of giving up her search when she spots a rucksack tucked under the bed, large enough to carry whatever supplies she needs. Taking it, she fills it with all the edible food she can find: fruit, bread etc - staying well clear of anything Liz has cooked for herself. She was in no hurry to swallow that white liquid again.

As it turns out, there isn't all that much healthy food in a typical SharpClaw home, and at the end of her search Krystal has turned up about a days' worth of food, if that. Glancing at the soup still simmering in the pot, she remembers how good it tasted - despite the ingredients. There's easily enough soup to last a few days if she brings a jar of it with her, but the thought makes her feel sick. She knows what is in that soup and it disgusts her, but is she going to risk starvation for her pride?

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour, Mace, Backpack

MP 0
Level 0
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