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This is no time to be sat here crying Krystal realises, she has to get out of here before anyone comes to check what is going on. She emerges from the hut wiping the tears from her eyes to what on any other occasion would have been a pleasant view. It is early evening, and the sun is setting over the grassy hills to the west, visible through the trees of a small forest. The hut was built on the edge of the forest, meaning the trees were sparse and plenty of light broke through the canopy. To the north there is a small village that looked idyllic to the naked eye, although Krystal knows better than to expect such a thing of any SharpClaw settlement - however she is desperate for help, and it is possible she might find some there.

A cool breeze sweeps through the valley, bringing with it a subtle smell of burning. Krystal turns to face the wind, and sure enough in the south there is smoke rising from a point just outside the forest. "That must be where one of the Arwings crashed, but who's?" Krystal thinks, searching in vain for signs of another crash site. "We were flying over the forest, and Fox's Arwing crashed before mine, so his must be further into the forest. We were also on our way back to the Great Fox, which must mean that it is to the West, but there's no way I can make across that open land or go searching an entire forest without a supply of food. ".

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour

MP 0
Level 0
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