(LoK) Investigate her Arwing

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It takes a little over 10 minutes to reach the source of the smoke. Sure enough, just within the edge of the forest in a newly formed crater is the remains of Krystal's Arwing, half buried on its side at the end of long scorch marks stretching back into the forest. It is a complete wreck. One of the wings is bent and by the looks of it the other has been sheared off in the collision with the ground. The hull of the ship is so contorted that Krystal is amazed she has survived. She does everything she can not to think about what has happened to Fox. "He'll be fine," she thinks, "he might've ejected from his ship before it crashed, and even if he didn't, he's tough. If I survived, he would have too". She isn't sure she believes that though, and she redoubles her effort to focus on her situation.

The cockpit door was still open from earlier - not that it mattered as there was little left of the glass screen - but due to the angle and contortion of the ship she has to climb on top of the ship and drop in through a hole in the side. The front of the ship has been forced inwards making it a tight fit, and the smoke and the fading light don't help. Twice she cuts herself on broken glass or steel but eventually she manages to crouch in the cockpit and look around.

The console in front of her is busted. Between the smoke and the sparks it is giving off it doesn't seem like a good idea to try to get it to switch back on, so using the ships communication system to call for help is out of the window. She looks around for anything that might be useful to her, but she knows it is a lost cause. It was a routine training drill, she hadn't needed food or weapons. Krystal suddenly notices how hungry she is, realising that aside from that 'soup' she hasn't eaten all day.

As Krystal thinks about the meals she's missed, she notices the sound of footsteps drawing near. Her first instinct is to talk to whoever it is, but she quickly discards that idea when she hears voices talking. She can't make out the words from within the cockpit, but she recognises the deep, croaky voices of the SharpClaw.

The footsteps were drawing nearer - the SharpClaw were definitely headed her way. Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour

MP 0
Level 0
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