(LoK) Confront the SharpClaw

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It wasn't an easy decision. Krystal remembers too well what the last two SharpClaw had done her, and if these ones knew what she had done then the chances of this ending well were close to zero. But she has no food, and no method of communication. If she doesn't get help from somebody then she would starve to death in this forest - assuming something in it didn't eat her first. No, she had to talk to these SharpClaw and see if she could persuade them to help her.

Pulling herself out of the cockpit, she calls out to the two SharpClaw, realising as she does so that she was wrong - there is only one SharpClaw and he had been talking to himself. SharpClaw were typically muscular brutes, resembling large humanoid lizards in appearance and unlike the women they wore no clothing except their armour. This one however is different. He is still muscular, but he is definitely weaker and smaller than the SharpClaw she had seen before and he has no armour or weapons, so he isn't a warrior. It hadn't even occurred to Krystal that not all SharpClaw were warriors, but she realised someone had to make their weapons and build their houses.

The SharpClaw looks surprised to see her. He is completely naked and despite her situation Krystal can't help but note that SharpClaw made no attempt to hide their dicks, but this one actually seems to be trying to hide his by turning away. "A modest SharpClaw? That's something new."

For a second, both the vixen and the lizard stand there, neither knowing what to say. The lizard works up the courage first: "Your armour... you must be the one the warriors brought back today. They boasted much about their new toy."

"And going by your lack of armour, you aren't one of the warriors. Who are you? I've never heard of a SharpClaw male not being a fighter."

"Someone has to make their weapons and vehicles - I suppose you could say I am their technician. You haven't heard of us because we don't exist; most SharpClaw tribes shun or kill anyone who chooses not to become a warrior. Thankfully our chief had a little more wisdom than that. It was him who sent me here to see what technology I can scavenge."

Realising this SharpClaw wasn't about to kill her, Krystal climbs down from the Arwing to talk to him. As she faces him, she can't help but glance down at his cock again, secretly impressed by the size of it. This time however, it is a little less flaccid. Blushing, she realises how little of her body her armour covers, and that climbing down from the Arwing would have left her ass exposed.

"I need your help" she says, more to distract herself than anything. "I have no food and no way to contact my team. I can't go back to the SharpClaw, you know what they'll do to me."

She doesn't expect it to work - SharpClaw were raping, murderous animals. She is incredibly surprised then, when the SharpClaw male looks torn, as if he isn't sure what to do. "My tribe will expect me to bring you back for them. If I don't they will see it as weakness and I will be punished."

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour

MP 0
Level 0
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