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A sprite is a graphic used in games. (This editor tends to think only things that move (characters) or repeat (trees), not large backdrop pictures or the like, but she might be mistaken.)

While RPGMaker XP allows larger sprites, all previous RPGMaker versions had strict size restrictions:

  • Tile Sprites: 16 x 16 pixels
  • Character Sprites: 32 x 24 pixels
  • Face Sprites: 48 x 48 pixels
  • Battle Sprites: (someone please fill in)

Sprites for previous RPGMaker versions come in sheets. Character sheets allow 8 characters; face sheets allow 16 faces. Tilesets (aka chipsets) combine five different types of tiles:

  1. 1 set of water, or other animated object, with two borders and a graduation-to-deep-water bit
  2. 3 animated background tiles
  3. 12 autotiles
  4. 144 background tiles (including 1 blank if desired)
  5. 144 foreground tiles (including 1 blank)

Prior to XP, the color depth for a given sheet was extremely limited: 256 colors. Working with tiny sprites and a limited color depth requires a lot of fudging, which arguably makes for nicer graphics, a la impressionism. Also kinda fun.

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