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Join Date November 2003
Status Active
Position Standard Member
Birthday June 10th, 1988
Gender Male
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Glitch is a long time member of charas.


Activity as a Member

Glitch, also known as Jacob Smith, is an 18 year old male, in college, with Brownish/Blondeish hair and brown eyes.

On November 19th, 2003 Glitch made his first post. He subsequently vanished until 2004. Upon returning he would occasionally post, and created very few threads. Glitch was active throughout some major events, such as the appearance of Raffles, and the Mod elections. He has remained a fairly neutral member, not particularly popular amongst members, but not despised by any. Glitch does, however, have a bit of a temper, and has a tendency to get heated in arguments. Has recently become a much more active member in the forum and has begun to post more often.


Glitch has not made a large amount of contributions. However, he does fulfill requests from time to time. Is fairly good at recolors though doesn't make this widely known. Aside from this he is mostly just an off and on member.


Glitch has been involved in multiple arguments in various Charas Threads. However he has had two particularly bad ones.

The Freaking Hippie Environmentalist Argument : Glitch vs. Coasterkrazy In a thread created during the summer of 2006 Glitch was involved in an argument with a well known member. A number of people had taken to blaming a recent heat wave on Global Warming, one large supporter of this theory was Coasterkrazy. Glitch is typically against most anything enviromentally friendly or supported by hippies. Glitch and CK became involved in a small flame war based on their particular beliefs about polution and environment. This led the two to argue quite unkindly. Luckily enough by the second day Glitch realized he had gotten out of hand and made peace with CK.

Should Saddam Be Hung? Argument : Glitch vs. Plightofthepureblood A thread to discuss the death of Saddam Hussein was created. Glitch got particularly heated in this argument due to his feeling Saddam to be responsible for the death of his family member. Glitch got incredibly heated and did not refrain from insulting members, such as Plight. This was a very heated argument on many peoples part. This argument though managed to fizzle out shortly, with no one on truly bad terms.

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