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Join Date August 1, 2006
Status Depends who you ask.
Position member
Birthday June, 21, 1988
Gender Male
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Who is he? Part 1: Why he came here.

Elementalhero76 is a young man who started on this site of Charas when he was around 18 who wanted to explore the possibility of making his own RPGs or in long form, role-playing games. His welcome at first was warm except for a few people on the site, veterans mostly, who could care more or less about the current influx of noobs at the time that don't a) have a brain or b) too immature to make sense of a forum environment. A college student just starting out in his freshman year, he has dreams of becoming a computer programmer some day.

Who is he? Part 2: The name and the origin of it all.

His real name is David Novak and he, as said above, wants to be a programmer when he is done with school. He has a very long written original story planned that gave him this nickname of the Elemental Hero or his main character's name Hirohito Ishida and EH76 is an arbitrary title which is a reverse of the title given to the character, Hero of the Elements, by his friends as "Its a rip off from Yugioh!" jokingly. Story aside, he is not really that obsessed with it nor does he want to be the character in any shape or form. All writers have their bad periods in the road to fame or bust sometimes.

Who is he? part 3: The future.

After experimenting with RM2k3 for a bit and leaving the forums for a year to take of good old real life, he came back with a new spark within him ready to make a game using none of these programs and starting off from scratch using what he has found on our very own resources page and help from the community. As we all know, not everything is a one man job and there is no I in teamwork. He is rarely on as the mini profile suggests. He is way to busy with life now to bother being on here 24/7 365.


He seems to be very honest and down to earth. Not easy to anger, he can be very hard to push over the edge. If angered a flame war could ensue but even then its not that serious. If sad he probably won't show it. Seeing death does not effect him nor causes remorse. So does any physical pain that is not extreme. You should try to kick him in the balls as he may not flinch. He is very open minded and speaks whatever comes to mind, though he is shy when it comes to women. He values family and friends above all else. He wants to have large family in the future.

Contributions to Charas:

-Contributed 6 System2s to the Complete resources
-Submitted 6 Charasets
-Submitted 5 midis.
-Submitted 1 face set.
-Contributed 1 custom Chip set to the resources
-Three edited title screens (Not submitted yet or lost)
Edited an old abandoned member's resource many times for better use (Not submitted yet).

Other stats:

Current age: 20

Gender: Male

Birthday: 6/21/1988

Demographic: White, American

Likes: Manga, Anime, RPGs, reading, writing, drawing, hot girls.

Dislikes: Politics, Smoke, Corn, Temperature Extremes.

Current Activities:

He currently is working on two games mostly in the gathering resources stage. Also he has been seen back on the forums as of the last two weeks. Being as busy as he is, there is little room for any real progress or little else. Also he is still working on his Written story line that the two games are based off of.

Projects being worked on:

Legend of the Hero the RPG I: Rise of Zurik: the story and legend of Kazuhiro Ishida.
Legend of the Hero the RPG II: Return to Semathia: The LOSTCOZ War.

Both games were going to be made in RM2k3, but they were to be found to be too large for the program and errors and corruptions resulted. The creator has to find a program suitable to be able to create the same experience. Plus there are certain features that can't be done with the data structure of the rpgmaker series.

The first one takes place 20 odd years before the written storyline time period. Using a code given after the credits roll and the player asked to save after that, you can use this password to transfer some data to your new game in the second one which unlocks new items, monsters, areas and a very hard secret final dungeon not accessible if the code wasn't used.

The second one takes place after the end of the written story. If anymore is written here, it will spoil the ending of the written story. Let's just say what happened at the end of Part Four continues here where that left off.

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