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Join Date Feb 2004

(Daetyrnis since Oct 2006)

Status Minimally Active
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Birthday January 13, 1991
Gender Male
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Daetyrnis is a member of Charas (previously known as Ruler of the Dark) who has a relatively low post count when compared to his join date of '04. This is due to his posts being split between two accounts, his lack of motivation to post in topics, and his loss of interest in RPG Maker.


Awesome Timeline

Early Posts

Daetyrnis joined Charas early 2004, and like most members, acted like a complete idiot (also n00b) before realizing that posting illiterately does not make one "cool". Charas was the first forum that he joined, and thus his early internet experiences are shown in his first few posts, which include words such as ur, i, and other forms of bastardized English. Daetyrnis's lack of commitment was shown early on, with a new game proposal every few days, each often reusing the same cliche plotline. He also started several threads to take requests for RPG Maker resources, though his lack of commitment caused all to be eventually either closed or left to deteriorate.

Random Hiatus

Around the same time Daetyrnis began to appreciate spelling and grammar, he drifted away from the Charas Community. He explored various other sites, and in this process created a new internet alias for himself. Now actually known as Daetyrnis, he began to earn a reputation in some communities for having talent for sprite making. Even elsewhere than Charas however, he would create threads to take requests, and give up on them in the span of a few weeks.


Daetyrnis eventually returned to Charas and created a new account with his newfound name. He often lurks the site, reading others' threads and keeping up with the political drama that is Charas. Sometimes, he even motivates himself to click the REPLY button.

Game Creation

Daetyrnis took a great liking to RPG Maker 2003 and explored the many things that it could do. Presently, he considers himself a "master" of the application, even though he has no finished games good enough to post on the internets to prove it. After time, Daetyrnis grew bored with RPG Maker, especially when he realized that to create anything great in it, one has to work around the limitations built in (such as only 50 pictures, lack of concise methods to handle many cases, etc.), and has moved on to learn about actual programming. Every once in a while, Daetyrnis takes a crack at RPG Maker again, planning epic games and wonderful battle systems, only to become frustrated once again at the inadequacy of the program.

Spriting & Drawing

Daetyrnis enjoys creating sprites and through this process and observations, he has come to fancy himself a "master" of spriting as well. This is beneficial for making games, as he can create the graphics himself. Also, Daetyrnis has a hand for the pencil and paper medium, and he enjoys drawing pictures when he should be paying attention in class.

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