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The CharasVerse is a fictional cosmic construct, known as a multiverse, which contains an infinite set of realities based on the ideas of Charas members. It can be compared to the Marvel and DC multiverses.


The CharasVerse is divided into an infinite number of branching universes. Each of these universes, called "realities", are shaped by a particular member of Charas. Travel between the realities is not impossible; for example, Iseo is known to break down the barriers between realities, and the Continuum has created and refined technology allowing inter-reality travel (though these are not the only means of travel between realities). For the most part, though, these realities are isolated.

Getting Involved

In order to become part of the CharasVerse, you only need to post a few snippets about your reality. Put it in a category of your liking. The Wiki Sysops will be able to change or delete articles or categories if they don't follow the general rules.

Sharing Ideas

The concept behind the CharasVerse is summed up like so: If one person can create a world, a group can create a universe. Thus, sharing is a major player in its creation. Feel free to take another person's ideas, but don't just rip them off - be creative about it. Other people can draw off of your ideas, too. That's one of the conditions for posting your work here - so if there's an idea that you really don't want other people to use, don't post it here (but please do - that's how we expand the project).

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