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Charas-Project (also known simply as Charas) is a website devoted to RPG Maker. It contains Resource Generators, a Complete Resources section, and forums for help and discussion. It is arguably one of the better-known RPG Maker sites, due in part to the generators.


Main article: History of Charas

Alex first created the site in 2002, as a test for his PHP skills. The generators started small, but a community was quickly created around them - so a forum was custom-coded for the site. It has since developed into a thriving community, with the Generators still a major part of the site.

The first version used actual physical images as resources. As of May 2005 the project has switched to a fully MySQL-driven system. One of the reasons was to make it easier for newer generators.

Currently there are plans for Charas 3.0.


The site is divided into two parts: the Main Page, which includes the Generators and Complete Resources, as well as several other links; and the Forums, where discussions of all sorts take place. These two parts are not exclusive of each other - the last 10 (or so) forum discussions appear on the main page, and accounts created on the forums also work as logins for the Generators and CR.

The site is community-driven; individuals can create and submit resources to the Generators or CR, and make posts on the forums.

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