UWO 6 - Back to the Backyard

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Original Card

Opening Contest: Bryan Alize'a vs Kid-Saneo. Bryan Alize'a dominated Johnny Democracy in their match before his intensity got the best of him. Bryan has shown a bunch of power and intensity and may be a huge asset to the UWO. The winner of this contest advances to the main event and gets a shot at the UWO Backyard Title.

UWO Championship Match: Kurtis Spade vs Johnny Democracy. Kurtis Spade has stood strong after he has beaten Asylum, Perfection Selection and Sterling Silverman he is standing strong but he faces a new competitor in Johnny Democracy. Johnny has been all over the place with very bad losses to Spectre and Asylum but he is STILL the underdog and has a very big win against former UWO Champion Perfection Selection. He is the definite underdog and may surprise the champion. We will find out at UWO 6!

AND THE MAIN EVENT, No Rules, No Limits Backyard Battle Royale for the UWO Backyard Championship: Asylum vs D.Lee vs Perfection Selection vs Sterling Silverman vs the winner of the Bryan Alize'a and Kid-Saneo match. Its an anything goes match where the winner truly has to earn his stripes to win their championship! 4 pinfalls will determine a champion as this grueling match will wear and tear these competitors apart. All weapons go as we go back to the backyard at UWO 6!


Opening contest did not take place, only 4 wrestlers in the main event.
Kurtis Spade defeated Johnny Democracy to retain the UWO Heavyweight Championship
Perfection Selection becomes the first UWO Backyard Champion.

      • The Backyard Championship would later retire while still in possession on Perfection Selection.
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