Perfection Selection

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Perfection Selection
Ring name Perfection Selection
Height 5 foot 9 inches
Weight 152 lbs
Born August 2, 1987 (age 23)
Resides 757 District of Virginia
Yigo, Guam
Debut 2006

Patrick Coterillo better known as his ring name Perfection Selection, Born August 2, 1987 in Glen Cove, New York. He competes in backyard wrestling under the Underground Wrestling Organization. He is the current UWO Heavyweight Champion.


Living Room Championship Wrestling

Not really being a federation, Perfection Selection would wrestling in Kurtis Spade's living room with friends at an early age portraying their favorite WWE wrestlers.

Joining the UWO

In 2006 Perfection Selection wound be called up to the UWO by founders Kurtis Spade and Sterling Silverman.

First UWO Heavyweight Champion

He would go on to win and become the first ever UWO Heavyweight Champion on November 1,2006. He would lose this title just 3 months later at UWO_I - Total_Annihilation after Kurtis Spade delivered a Fold Out to him during a Championship match against Sterling Silverman.

First and Only UWO Backyard Championship

He also is the only wrestler in the UWO to hold the UWO Backyard Championship. It was later made defunct shortly after thus making Perfection Selection the only holder of this championship. It was later renamed into the UWO Xtreme X Championship using the same belt.

2010 Return

Despite matches here and there, Perfection Selection made his full time UWO return at UWO XVI - The Rumble winning the Rumble Match and becoming the Number One Contender for the UWO Heavyweight Championship at SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010).

Behind Character

Perfection Selection was in the United Stated Air Force and finished his duty in August of 2010.

In wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Hampton Hangover (Back to Back Piledriver) (2006-2009)
    • Scissors Kick (2010-Present)
  • Signature Moves
    • Running High Knee
    • Northern Lights Suplex
    • Stalling Knee Drop

Championships and accomplishments

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