The Kid

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'The Kid'
Ring name The Kid
Height 5'10
Weight 170 lbs.
Born unknown
Resides Shreveport, La
Debut unknown

The Kid is an American backyard wrestler currently signed with Backyard Wrestling Entertainment, where he is the current BWE United States Champion in his first reign.


Career Start

The Kid started off backyarding many years ago and made his return in HWO in 2008.

Hardcore Wrestling Organization (2008-2009)

The Kid debuted in a triple treat match again Steven Hardy & Stone Hardy. where he won his first title The HWO State Championship. Only to lost the title back to Steven Hardy a week later. The Kid went on the defeat Steven Hardy for the HWO Championship in a 2 out of 3 falls match where one of Steven Hardy's titles was on the line in every match. After not showing up to defend the title HWO had no choice but to strip him of the HWO Championship. The kid didn't worry about it for he had bigger titles on his mind like Steven Hardy's HWO World Heavyweight Championship. The Kid finally got his shot and with the help of family in the form of Criss Choas, The Kid was able to defeat Steven Hardy and win his first world title. He later lost the title we HWO hold the first Backyard Rumble, Steven Hardy was the last to enter the ring and in doing so he won but the World title. The Kid later challenged Steven Hardy for the GBYWN Mid-South Championship where he bacame the second ever GBYWN Mid-South Champion. Two weeks later Steven Hardy fucked over The Kid super kicking him helping Stone Hardy win the GBYWN Mid-South Championship. The Kid asked for his rematch after refusing to give Steven Hardy his rematch HWO put together a 3 way ladder match for the GBYWN Mid-south Championship, where The Kid won back the title after a battle to remember.

Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (2009-Present)

In wrestling

  • Finisher
    • The Kidd Bomb (Sunset Flip Powerbomb)
    • Death Drop (The slice Bread)
    • Spear
  • Signature moves
    • Backbreaker
    • Suplex
    • DDT
    • powerslam
    • Bodyslam
  • Entrance Themes
    • Let the Bodys Hit the Floor by Drowning Pool (2008-2009)
    • Head Strong by Trapt (2009-Present)



  • HWO
    • Forth Triple Crown Champion

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