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Stone Hardy
Ring name Stone Hardy
Height 5'11
Weight 145 lbs.
Born June 13, 1986
Resides Shreveport, La
Debut 1992

Tony Swallows (Born June 13, 1986), better known by his ring name, Stone Hardy, is a retired American backyard wrestler currently signed with (BWE) Backyard Wrestling Entertainment as its General Manager.

In Backyard Wrestling, Stone Hardy is a Seven time World Champion, having won the HWO World Heavyweight Championship six times, and the BWE Championship once. In addition to his world title reigns, Stone Hardy has also won the HWO Championship once, the HWO State Championship twice, the GBYWN Mid-South Championship once and the CrossBranded Championship once.

Stone Hardy initially came to prominence through his career in Hardcore Wrestling Organization from 2004 until 2009. Steven Hardy, however, in 2008 he started up his own federation.


Backyard Wrestling 1992-Present

Hardcore Wrestling Organization (2006-2008)


HWO World Heavyweight Champion and Fued with Steven Hardy (2006-2008)

Stone Hardy wrestled Steven Hardy in HWO's first taped match. The two battled, for nearly an hour. Near the end of the match, Steven Hardy failed a moonsult which injured Stone Hardy's ribs. This allowed Steven Hardy to pick up the win and the HWO World Heavyweight Championship, making Steven Hardy the first ever HWO World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Steven Hardy wanted to move forward and gave The Joker a title match, but Stone Hardy believing he was cheated out of the title forced his way into the match making it a triple threat match. The three battled for 30 minutes bringing any and everything they could into the match, even suplexing Steven Hardy thru the back window of a car, but in the end Steven Hardy retained his title by pinning The Joker. After the match, Stone Hardy was mad that he wasn't the winner and attacked both Steven Hardy and The Joker. Stone Hardy claimed he was cheated again stating Steven Hardy never beat him. Steven Hardy unhappy with the comments Stone Hardy was making gave him his rematch, but Steven Hardy's high risk taking allowed Stone Hardy to pick up the win and the HWO World Heavyweight Championship after he missed a senton bomb from the top of a ladder.

Steven Hardy and Stone Hardy after an extreme bump.

After the match, Steven Hardy challenged The Joker to a match to crown the first HWO Champion. Stone Hardy was unhappy that Steven Hardy didn't ask for his rematch. When Stone Hardy asked Steven Hardy why, Steven Hardy stated (Stone Hardy was just a stepping stone on my way to the top and I already passed that step.). Stone Hardy pissed at Steven's comments, demanded a match with Steven Hardy, but Steven Hardy stated only if he could pick the match type. Stone Hardy agreed and Steven Hardy picked The Animal as the Special Guest Referee. Stone Hardy tried his beat, but was unable to retain the title. Because Steven Hardy won the HWO World Heavyweight Championship. He was stripped of the HWO Championship. Stone Hardy challenged The Joker to Crown a new HWO Champion, Stone Hardy failed to defeat The Joker for the HWO Championship. He then challenged Steven Hardy for his rematch for the HWO World Heavyweight Championsip in an hour long Iron Man match. They Battled it out for 55 minutes before they both turned on and attacked the referee. Since Steven Hardy had the most wins at the end of the match he retained the title. Stone Hardy challenged Steven Hardy to a match to crown a new champion for the vacented HWO Championsip, after the title was vacanted by The Bluemoon when he retired. Do to an injury Steven Hardy got in his match against The Joker a week before Stone Hardy was able to pick up the win and the HWO Championship. After, The Joker retired. Stone Hardy challenged Steven Hardy to a Human Torch match to crown a new HWO World Heavyweight Champion. The two battled it out like never before and in the end Stone Hardy walked away as the new champion. Steven Hardy claimed he was retiring from BYW, but Stone Hardy wouldn't allow that to happen by talking trash every week until Steven Hardy accepted Stone Hardy's challenge for a table match. Steven Hardy defeated Stone Hardy after another hard fought battle. Steven Hardy again tried to retire only to be trash talked again by Stone Hardy claiming he only wants to retire because he is scared of him. Steven Hardy returned and defended his title in a Ladder match only to lose the title back to Stone Hardy. Stone Hardy then claimed he was retiring as the Last HWO World Heavyweight Champion, but Steven Hardy had other plans. Steven Hardy claimed that if Stone Hardy refused to defend the title against him one last time that he would destroy his hard work. Stone ask how and Steven revealed that his last title contract had a ironclad clause stating if Stone Hardy refused to give his rematch or retired as champion then the title would then be awarded to Steven Hardy. Stone Hardy wanting to retire as Champion granted him his rematch in a 2 out of 3 falls match, only to lose the title. Stone Hardy demanded his rematch for the title, but Steven hardy claimed Stone Hardy had no rematch clause in the last Championship contract. Stone Hardy claimed he did, but Steven Hardy stated he rewriten the contract removing his rematch clause. Steven Hardy then claimed Stone Hardy would have to win another title match by defeating him in a match. Stone Hardy challenged and defeated Steven Hardy in a match for a future shot at the HWO World Heavyweight Championship. Stone Hardy then defended his HWO Championship against both The Joker and Steven Hardy in a triple Threat match where all three Championships was on the line. The Joker won the match and retired from byw. HWO had shut down for months after that and on March 22, 2008 HWO started back up with new stars on the roster. Stone Hardy cashed in his future shot at the title. Stone Hardy injuried and defeated Steven Hardy in a singles match for the title. Steven Hardy's contract clause gave him a rematch whenever he wanted it. HWO's owner at the time gave Steven Hardy a shot at the title without using up his clause, stating he wanted to bring in a new star. The triple threat match was set as Stone Hardy defended his HWO World Heavyweight Championship, Steven Hardy was forced to defend his HWO State Championship. This match had it's own stipulation, where only the champion who gets pinned lost there title. After, 55 minutes of battling and Stone Hardy hitting Steven Hardy in the head with a hammer. The Kid was able to pin Steven Hardy and win the HWO State Championship. Stone Hardy claimed he would never say I quit and challenged Steven Hardy to an I Quit Match. Steven Hardy beat Stone Hardy so badly that the referee had to stop the match and award Steven Hardy as the winner. Stone Hardy upset that the referee awarded Steven Hardy the match. demanded a rematch claiming Steven Hardy never defeated him. Stone Hardy challenged Steven Hardy for his rematch in a ladder match he lost the HWO World Heavyweight Championship to Steven Hardy. Stone Hardy then asked for his rematch 2 months later in a First Blood match, but attacked Steven Hardy before the start of the match which allowed him to bust a light bulb over Steven Hardy's back busting him open and winning the HWO World Heavyweight Championship back. Steven Hardy asked for a rematch in any match type Stone Hardy wanted. Stone Hardy agreed and put his title on the line in a Last Man Standing match. Steven Hardy hit a senton bomb off a ladder and was able to make it to his feet before the 10 count and won back the HWO World Heavyweight Championship. After the King of LBYW Tournament, Stone Hardy asked for his rematch in same type of 2 out of 3 falls match as the finals to the King of LBYW. Steven Hardy agreed and Stone Hardy was able to defeat Steven Hardy in the first match for the HWO State Championship, but lost the last two matches and the 2 out of 3 falls match all together.

CrossBranded 2008

The Rise & Fall of CrossBranded

Stone Hardy formed a new federation in ???? of 2008. Stone Hardy defeated Reign, Black Rose & K.P in a fatal four way match to win the CrossBranded Championship. Stone Hardy defeated Black Rose to retain the title in ???? of 2008, but in February of 2009 CrossBranded merged with Steven Hardy's HWO. The reasons for Stone Hardy's decision to merge with HWO was do to lack of cameras.

Hardcore Wrestling Organization (2009)

Feud with The Game

Stone Hardy defended the title against The Game. Near the end of the match Stone Hardy looked as if he was about to win, where The Jackal interfared in the match and allowed The Game to hit Stone Hardy in the head with the championship to pick up the win. Stone Hardy then demanded his rematch a week later, but in a elimination tag team match with a new wrestler as his team mate G-Boy, in the match The Game would defend his HWO State Championship and The Jackal would defend his HWO Championship, Where who ever pinned them won there championship. Stone Hardy would end up pinning The Game to win back the HWO State Championship, while G-Boy pinned The Jackal to win the HWO Championship.

GBYWN Mid-South Championship

Stone Hardy finally won the GBYWN title on August 30, 2009 by defeating The Kid. Only 14 day's after The Kid had won the Championship. Stone Hardy lose the title back to The Kid 7 day's later.

End of HWO

Stone Hardy defeated Steven Hardy for the HWO World Heavyweight Championship in mid 2009 and would be the last time the title would be place in a match. On the last event of HWO, Stone Hardy lose the HWO State Championship against The Kid.

Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (2009-Present)


BWE Championship Tournament

BWE held its first event on November 9, 2009. Where they held a tournament to crown the first ever BWE Champion. The first round shown Jimmy Nitro defeating Johnny Nitro, Stone Hardy defeating Criss Chaos & Steven Hardy defeating The Kid. The finals was set to be Jimmy Nitro vs. Stone Hardy vs. Steven Hardy, but after Steven Hardy kidnapped Jimmy Nitro and tortured him. Jimmy Nitro demanded he be removed from the championship match. Stone Hardy defeated Steven Hardy in the final match, after The New Blood of Backyard Wrestling interfered and hit Steven Hardy in the head with the title belt.


BWE United States Championship Tournament

BWE holded a tournament to crown the first ever BWE United States Champion. Stone Hardy was able to defeat a new wrestler Tommy The Train to win his spot in round 2, while Steven Hardy also defeated a new wrestler Stevie Future to win his spot in round 2. Tank defeated The Freak & Captain Pain defeated Psychic for there spots in the second round. Stone Hardy was able to defeat Steven Hardy to gain a spot in the finals, but Captain Pain was attacked by the two new wrestlers and Stevie Future took his spot and defeated Tank with the help of Tommy The Train to gain a spot in the finals against Stone Hardy. Stone Hardy defeated Stevie Future to win the BWE United States Championship.

Feud with The Dark Side

Reaper defeated Stone Hardy in a singles match. After the match Reaper performed a Dark Ritual on Stone Hardy only to vanish seconds later. Stone Hardy defeated Black Ice in a singles match, after the match the lights went out and Reaper appeared standing over Stone Hardy. Stone Hardy was next seen coming to the ring during a Stevie Future promo, Stone Hardy claimed BWE has put the three of them in a match later to find a new #1 contender for the BWE Championship. It looked as if Stone Hardy was about to win the match before Reaper interfered and attacked Stone Hardy taking him out of the match. Black Ice challenged him for in a match for the #1 contendership. During the match Black Ice hurt the left arm of Stone Hardy allowing him to pick up the win. One week later Stone Hardy would be force to defend the title in a triple threat agiants Jay Myterious and Punisher where Punisher won the title it would later be revealed that Stones contact was up and would not be signing a new deal with BWE.

In wrestling

  • Finisher
    • The Hardy DDT
    • The Wicked Of Fate
    • Xtreme Punt
    • Enigma Splash
  • Signature Moves
    • Iconic Leg-drop
    • Hardyplex
    • Enigma Leg-drop
    • Twist Of Fate
    • Legend Killer
    • Legend Destoryer
    • Last Resort
    • Brain Buster
    • Big Slap
    • Hardy Face Crusher
  • Nicknames
    • The Hardcore Icon
    • The Xtreme Enigma
    • The Savior
  • Entrance Themes
    • How Can I Live By I'll Nino (2004)
    • SaVin Me By Nickelback (2004-2005)
    • Pain By Three Days Grace(2005-2006)
    • Tear Away By Drowning Pool (2006-2007)
    • Fly From The Inside By Shinedown (2007-2008)
    • Broken Wings By Alter Brigde (2008)
    • If Today Was Your Last Day By Nickelback (2009)
    • Hero By Skillet (2009-2010)
    • Awake And Alive By Skillet (current)
    • We Are One By 12 Stones (Stable)(current)



  • HWO
    • HWO Co-Creator
    • Third Triple Crown Champion
  • BWE
    • First BWE Champion
    • First BWE United States Champion
    • BWE Wrestler of the Year (2009)
    • BWE Champion of the Year (2009)
    • BWE Holy Shit Moment of the Year (2011)
    • BWE Match of the Year (2011) with Steven Hardy at BWE Memorial Show
  • NBWA
    • NBWA Most Hated Wrestler Of the Year (2010)
    • NBWA Most Hardcore Wrestler of the Year (2011)
    • NBWA Match of the Year (2011)

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