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Ring name The-Saneos
Height Big-Saneo 6'2

Kid-Saneo 5'9

Weight 390 pounds
Billed From The Bayou of South Carolina
Debut 2010 (as a tag team)

The-Saneos is a backyard wrestling tag team consisting of Kid-Saneo and Big-Saneo and they compete in the Underground Wrestling Organization.


Although Kid-Saneo debuted back in 2006, Big-Saneo only recently debuted in 2010 while popping out the opposite side of the ring that Kid-Saneo would go under. This is a very new tag team in the UWO. As a tag team, their first match will be against another new tag team in the UWO, Los Diablos. This match will be at UWO XVII - Halloween Horrors.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Acid Drop (Kid-Saneo)
  • Entrance Theme
    • "Rollin' by Big & Rich [UWO Edit]
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