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In 1995, The Prodigy at 6 years old began his tenure in backyard wrestling on a trampoline, aspired by the works of professional wrestling as well as inspired by Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and later Triple H. He somewhat enhanced his abilities over the next 8 years. By 2003, his backyard wrestling journey officially kickstarted in the federation, XWA.

In his first noted records of matches on November 23, 2003, he defeated Max (Max Vender) to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

He has claimed that backyard wrestling has always been apart of his life, but in generalization, he just enjoys wrestling.

In 2005, The Prodigy began wrestling for the Kentucky-based Championship Wrestling Association during its initiation period. He consistently kept to evolving his wrestling abilities and his star image qualities. At CWA Royal Rumble 2005 in January, one of other events CWA emulated in respects to WWE, The Prodigy, being the first entrant, was triumphant as the Rumble winner. With this victory that entitled him a primary championship shot, he lost to Voltage at WrestleMania 5. After entering an Intercontinental Title Tournament, he eventually succumbed to shortcomings against Valius at the Portland Massacre event.

At WrestleMania 6 on January 16, 2006, Prodigy lost to CJ Styles and The Prototype for the CWA X Division Championship. Following that, he endured a long stream of defeats and some of which included bouts for the CWA Championship. It was prolonged until at CWA Day of Reckoning on July 15, where he beat Max Vender to win the CWA International Championship to finally break the losing streak with his first victory of the year.

CWA, Prodigy gained 2 CWA World Championship reigns, other title reigns and accomplishments, defeated arguably every roster member and engaged in rivalries with Voltage, his real-life brother Eruption, Joe Randa, CJ Cross and Kevin Porter.

All of such overall accomplishments in backyard wrestling made Prodigy an 18 time world champion in the backyard.

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