TBYWS Retro Recall

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TBYWS Retro Recall
Genre Backyard wrestling
Created by Dee Miller
Starring Backyard wrestlers
Country of origin Canada
Running time Approximately 8-9 minutes
Broadcast YouTube
No. of episodes 3 (as of December 06, 2009)
Original Run October 12, 2008 - Present
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TBYWS Retro Recall is a backyard wrestling online video archive program produced by The Backyard Wrestling Station (TBYWS). The show relives past backyard wrestling matches from a collective video library owned by producer Dee Miller. It began broadcasting on November 15, 2010 and was intended to be a weekly airing. 3 episodes only were made available since then.



Backyard wrestling community personality, Dee Miller wanted to create a series on The Backyard Wrestling Station that would recall some past backyard wrestling matches acquiring matches on the internet and utilizing from his own collection to put together shows.

Stylization and status

Backyard wrestling matches are comprised into a 9 minute recollection video. These videos range from happening at the furthest throwback of 2005 to date. Each show introduces to competitors using a side-by-side split screen function, as well as details the event, year, and stipulation of the match and at the end, gives a preview to the next match on the following episode.

The first match on the program was broadcasted on November 15, 2009 and the third and latest episode on December 6. No new episodes have been uploaded. It also remains unclear if the series will continue or not.


Episode # Match
Episode 1
Street Team vs. Jackal and Ron Zero - PWA Collision
Episode 2
Tek vs. J-Spyder for UWA Cruiserweight Title - UWA
Episode 3
Ryan Stevens vs. Shawn Hartless - XBW Total Chaos (Season 4)


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