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Dee Miller
Name Dee Miller
Dwayne Miller
Born Toronto, Ontario,
Resides Toronto, Ontario,
Years active 2000-2004 (wrestler)
2006-present (personality)

Dee Miller is an African-American backyard wrestling personality and currently retired backyard wrestler. He is also known for creating a popular backyard wrestling YouTube channel, The Backyard Wrestling Station, as well as an assistant for Global Backyard Wrestling News and the creator of BYWpedia.



In 2000, Miller was 12 when he made use of elementary school recess periods to enjoy wrestling with friends in the school yard going under many televised renowned professional wrestlers at the time namely from the then WWF (now WWE). In 2003 in junior high, while many had no interest to wrestle anymore, he still took the ring name "Dwayne" and held 1-match events with one of his good friends under a self-branded federation name, World Amateur Wrestling. Miller continued to enjoy safe untrained and unpracticed wrestling until June 4, 2004 at an entitled event called "Summer Bash".

While all refused to wrestle any longer, Miller wondered if such beyond existed and as an actual organization. On the internet in early 2006, he stumbled across a hardcore backyard wrestling federation, Wicked Hardcore Wrestling which had recently closed, but he became very aspired about learning the reality. He then found a federation called XBW Wrestling which has become one of his permanent favorites despite later closing and others like the then-growing popular In Your House Wrestling Alliance. He also soon heard of Backyard Wrestling News (now Global Backyard Wrestling News), a website aiming to unite backyard wrestling as a whole. At first slightly distant and doubtful it would last, Miller saw the community embark on a rise and became a mainstay member and "Scout Chief" in charge of bringing new federations to the site.

The Backyard Wrestling Station

Main article: The Backyard Wrestling Station

The height of Miller's impression with backyard wrestling federations was after reviewing 2KW in 2008. Following that, he decided to launch a channel devoted to backyard wrestling on YouTube called The Backyard Wrestling Station (TBYWS), sort of inspired by the five letter GBYWN. After feverishly promoting the channel, it started featuring occassional updates, links to communities, calendar dates and playlists and rapidly gained some success garnering over 7,000 channel views in 7 months for an underground sports channel. A few programs have been implemented on the channel that include TBYWS Retro Recall (created by Miller) and for a short time, Rad Hazard's Backyard Wrestling Weekly.


Over TBYWS, Miller announced his plans to open a wiki about backyard wrestling which was created in September 2008. He went through the coding process and created a few articles before officially lauching it on GBYWN on March 22, 2009.

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