RLSW Bringing In 2009 (2009)

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RLSW Bringing in 2009
Promotion Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling
Date January 2009
Venue RLSW Arena
Location Round Lake, New York
Free per view chronology
RLSW Bringing In 2009
RLSW Christmas Crash 2008 RLSW Malfunction 2009

RLSW Bring In 2009 was a backyard wrestling supercard event produced by Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling, which took place on January 2009 at the RLSW Arena in Round Lake, New York. After reports that RLSW was ending following RLSW No Remorse 3 although also held RLSW Christmas Crash 2008, the event was hosted as the first backyard wrestling event of 2009 to usher in a new era in the federation.

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