RLSW Malfunction (2009)

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RLSW Malfunction 2009
Promotion Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling
Date February 3 2009 (aired)
Venue RLSW Arena
Location Round Lake, New York
Free per view chronology
RLSW Malfunction 2009
RLSW Bringing In 2009 RLSW Termination 2009
RLSW Malfunction chronology
RLSW Malfunction 2009
RLSW Malfunction 2008 TBA

RLSW Malfunction (2009) was a backyard wrestling free-per-view event held by Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling (RLSW), which took place at the RLSW Arena in Round Lake, New York in January and aired on LIVE! hosting network, Mogulus.com on February 3, 2009. It was the second Malfunction event that showcased three scripted contests, two of which were championship matches.



The FPV Event Malfunction was first established in 2008 when RLSW entered it's first active winter series of wrestling. This event was cold but bearable. The main event featured five of the best in RLSW and a WZW roster member. Drake Cannon, Dublin, Silence, CJ Scott and the reigning RLSW Champion Erik scott, as well as WZW Original JT Dynomite, participated in this elimination style six pack challenge. Coming down to Erik Scott and JT Dynomite, CJ Scott, Erik's older brother, nailed JT with a steel folding chair. Thus after he hit his signature "roll the dice" and Erik captured the victory.


The opening contest of the event was between AJ Badd and Genocide. Genocide began striking Badd to officially start the match, sending body shots to his stomach and back before outpowered by Badd. However, Genocide remained on the early assault. A back elbow from Badd gradually shifted the momentum as Badd inflicted damage. The match balanced on a back-and-forth scale and spilled to the outside of the base, where Badd attempted to powerbomb Genocide on the ramp but was countered into a Back Body Drop. Badd had reentered the base area as Genocide made it just before a 10 count only to charge after Badd back out from the base executing an Almatic onto the outside snow. After both return inside the base, Badd soon became enraged and relentlessly annihilated Genocide with vicious tactics. Genocide came back subsequently was a Military Press Slam and returned the abuse. At the end, Genocide tried to ware Badd down with a Sleeper hold, but was countered getting driven into the base pole. Badd connected with The Tear Drop and followed up with stomps to achieve a successful pinfall.

The next match was between Thor and DC Jones for the RLSW Imperial Championship.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 AJ Badd defeated Genocide via pinfall Singles Match N/A
2 DC Jones defeated Thor via pinfall Singles match for RLSW Imperial Championship N/A
3 Drake Cannon defeated JD Static via pinfall Singles match for RLSW World Championship N/A

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