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Ring name Dozer
Real name Dale Freelen
Height 5'10
Weight 250 lbs.
Born Novmeber 15, 1975 (age 35)
Paris, Texas
Resides Paris, Texas
Debut 2008

Dale Freelen (born November 15, 1975) better known as Dozer, is an American backyard wrestler and former professional wrestler



Pro Wrestling

Dozer started refreeing local wrestling events in 2008. After showing so ring ability, he was contrated to RWA. There he won their main title, RWA Texas Herated Champion. Soon after he was showing lots of promise, he was in a motorcycle accident that ended his pro career.

Backyard Wrestling

When TCW was formed, Dozer helped Jett Air form it and couldnt resite the temptation to began wrestling again but this time on the backyard scene.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Dozer Dump (F-5)
    • Spine Buster

Entrance Music

  • Where Ever I May Roam - Metalica

Championships and accomplishments

  • Rebel Wrestling Alliance
    • RWA Texas Herated Championship (1 time)
Texas Chaos Wrestling
Championships TCW World Heavyweight Championship
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Programing TCW: Coming at You
Events TexFezt
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