Texas Chaos Wrestling

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Texas Chaos Wrestling
Acronym TCW
Established 2010-present
Founder(s) Jett Air, Tai, Allen Wolf, Dozer
Style HighFlying and technical wrestling
Format Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Backyard Wrestling Ring
Location Paris, Texas, USA
External links Official Website

Texas Chaos Wrestling (TCW), is a Texas backyard wrestling federation founded by Jett Air, Tai, Allen Wolf, Dozer and based out of Paris, Texas since 2010.



Federation origins

After years of watching WWE and TNA, Jett Air, said that one day he would love to be a wrestler. Then when his dad started doing indy circit wrestling, Jett air knew this was for him. He started TCW with Tai and Allen Wolf by just having fun in their backyard. Now the TCW roster has expanded and is in the process of having monthly shows, starting with TexFezt.


TCW Currently has one title and is the TCW World Heavyweight Championship

Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
TCW World Heavyweight Championship
To be decided at TexFezt
TCW United States Heavyweight Championship
To be decided at TexFezt

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  1. "TCW Youtube". YouTube.

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