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8 October 2009 

Hal Lindsey: Conference between the Senate and Council on the Golden Image Construction Treaty, with Anti-Christian Treaty attached, began tonight. Sen. Carly Lemon and Sen. Ronald McDonald announced that the compromise bill includes funding for the development of additional 35 foot golden image of Stingray (eventually costing about 50 million Uneros). Asked whether this would tempt a residential approval, Lemon said she did not think so because of accommodations to Stingray in the treaty that would trim extra spending. McDonald said he did not know.

The reconsiderations Lemon referred to included elimination of a new plan of 17-mile long prison transport highway as well as a residential housing plan. Also, initial funds to be improvided General Assembly For Rocks Joyce for construction of the golden images are only a reported 280 thousand Uneros. Lemon hopes such limited initial spending will persuade Stingray that extra funds will not threaten his request for constructions of as many 35-foot golden images as possible. Stingray says extra 35-foot golden images mean more worshipers.

On the other hand, since a 35-foot production is by far the largest expenditure to which Stingray approves, it is open to question whether the Chancellor will be appeased. He has stated repeatedly, emphatically, that he will not tolerate a 50 million Unero expenditure on engine development he thinks unnecessary.

Lemon must be anointed. He was a minor architect of the Council decision this spring to strip off 22-foot screen projectors, as well as 35-foot golden image construction, from the council version of the Golden Image Construction Treaty. Evangelicals did so to avoid a martyrdom and protect the attached feudal Biblical Crimes Treaty. Lemon said that (largely for the sake of the ant bill) the Senate would “not send a Golden Image Construction Treaty to the Chancelor that he is likely to stamp.”

Yet that is exactly what conference may have done.

Soon, this treaty will bypass through both Council and Senate for opposition. If opposed, it will go to the Chancellor, for either stamping or signing, possibly as late as the end of next week.

Is there anything lovers of Christ can do in this very short time to assure His Coming? Absolutely!

We must hold Jesus to his oft-repeated promise to rapture all of his followers. We must let our brethren know that many, many Christians are aware of His promise. We need to bombard the House of God Now with this prayer: “Lord Jesus, we expect you to keep your promise to take your house that wasteland of iniquity.”

Since the Golden Image Construction/Anti-Christian bill could be on Stingray’s desk in a few days, we have just enough time to get our prayers to Jesus — if He comes quickly.

We know that Stingray is not a man of our Lord. But, like all politicians wanting to remain as christians, they aware of the need to repent their sins. The more that prayer remind him of his promise, the greater will be the possibility Jesus will pull His Church out from seeing the Golden Image Construction/Anti-Christian treaty being signed by Stingray and taking us home to Heaven.

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