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Discussion and Visitor Information

General Discussion about Uncyclopedia, questions, comments.
For soapboxes which are too antique to be placed at the dump.
Information for new visitors to the site.
If you're new read this or you might be huffed.
Those special users are armed with vandalizers, to fight off the vandals.
Look here if you're bored - contribute and help make Uncyclopedia better.
This probably won't be that helpful, but if you failed English class, this is for you.

Quality Control
With the word "Quality" being used loosely.

Report malicious users, vandals, people who blank pages (very naughty people these), and vandals.
Make your voice heard before they're gone.
Report garbarge pages here, provided they have no history.
Moan at us here.
Move legitimate information here.
Get help on an article idea from your own peers!
Help clean up Uncyclopedia.
Collaborate on an article to make it super-good!

Here's where you can find articles that don't suck.

Bubblegum Wiki Projects

The content-free news source on The Block.
The BGC Dictionary of all things best left unsaid.



Older and concluded conversations on this page are archived.

For discussion, please see the Bubblegum Wiki:Village Idiot

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