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Although it is a great option for free blog hosting, there are some significant structural issues with Blogger, most obviously that users are not able to categorise posts, and that there is no native / inbuilt trackback. Many users have developed workarounds for these, & we're bringing them to you in Wiki format for maximum interactivity and comparability.

How is the Wiki organised?

For more on organisation and structure, as well as detailed information on contributing, see the Guidelines and Policies

How Do I Find a Hack?

Select "View Hacks" in the sidebar to see an alphabetical list of subcategories, and scroll down for a list of all the hacks that have been input into the wiki.

How Do I Add a Hack?

1. Select "Add a Hack" from the sidebar.

2. Copy the recommended subheadings

3. Enter the title of your page in the input box

4. Paste the subheadings into the new page

5. Add relevant information under each subheading

For detailed information on contributing, see the Guidelines and Policies

Isn't this just an extension of FreshBlog?

No. While FreshBlog's hack reporting is a big part of our history, the hacks here have been contributed by many people, some who are not even readers of FreshBlog.

Who Are You People?

Initially, we are John & Greg from Freshblog, Stephen from the Singpolyma Tech Blog, and Julie from No Fancy Name. We are just a few of the Blogger users who have developed tools to extend the service. We selected a Wiki format for this information to share it as widely as possible, and to make it easy for everyone to contribute. Please join the community!

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