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With the advent of the new Blogger (now out of beta) it has become necessary to organise these hacks by platform. Since most people will be switching to the new version, hacks for that version are defaultly linked to. If you are browsing by category you will see hacks from all platforms.

We need people to check, test, and re-categorise the hacks tagged Platform Unknown.



One of the reasons for moving these hacks into a Wiki format is to make them accessible and open to all. I'm a big believer in the web as a forum for developing communities, and want to provide a central repository for blog modifications. Whether you're interested in a single hack to fix that little bug on your blog, or whether you'll be here 24-7 as a contributor and administrator, you're welcome. So, what can you do?

Add Hacks

Have a great blog hack? Want to see it listed on the Wiki? Go to the create a page page. There are instructions / recommendations for the page layout over there. Remember, our goal is to point out the subtle differences between various hacks that achieve the same outcome in different ways, so the more information you include, and the more carefully you categorise your new page, the better. For an overview of how to write for a Wiki, see the help pages.

View Hacks

Hacks that we're aware of have been categorised to make them easy to find (we hope). Search the Wiki using the search box in the sidebar, or browse the hacks category. We've been careful to file pages in useful and appropriate sub-categories, so that you can find the information you're looking for quickly and easily.

Request Hacks

Want your blog to have a specific feature? Don't see it listed but think that it is possible? Head to the Request Hacks page, and write up what you need in as much detail as you can. My hope is that members of the community will see your request and investigate the possibilities, and that we'll be able to tag your requests "solved," with a link to the appropriate section of the wiki.

Talk Hacks

Each page in the Wiki (even the ones that are locked) has a "discussion" tab at the top of the page. If you want to ask for more information or clarification about something you've read, use the talk pages. We're hoping that the community will be monitoring the conversation and will offer support.

For more detailed information on contributing, see Guidelines and Policies

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