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One of the goals of this wiki is to provide standard information about these hacks and modifications, to allow users to make informed decisions about which hack they would like to implement. To ensure somewhat consistent information across all pages, please copy these sub-headings and paste them into your new page. Thanks!






==Required Skills== Be Specific! What do you need to be able to do to make this hack work?

==Description== What does it do?

==Method== How do you implement it? "Paste a script into your template head", for instance.

==Sites Using This Hack==

==Extensions / Alternates== Other spin-off versions of the same thing, or how to's for the same thing, but pretty much identical.

==See Also:== Related hacks that may be of interest

Please delete any headings that don't apply (for instance if there is no license associated with a hack, or if this is not a hack w/ multiple versions) then fill in some info in any remaining sections.

Finally, please categorise your page in both the "hacks" category, the category for its platform (New Blogger, Blogger Classic, or Blogger FTP, or a combination), and an appropriately specific sub-category (like "Backlinks" or "Comment Feeds") that files your page in the right spot. For detailed instructions about this process, please see the BloggerHacks Wiki Guidelines

Thanks for your contribution!!

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