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This page was constructed by Joey but makes use of the synopsis of storylines written by Kat back in 2002. It's not completely up to date and may not be completely accurate; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add and edit and expand!


[edit] Classic ARPG Saga

[edit] Team MissingNAME Arc

[edit] Kadith vs. Lylat Arc (1999)

In the first SL of the AliRPG, the mysterious Kadith invade the peacefule Planet Corneria, but recieve a rude awakening when the Aliroos arrive and fight back. Fink, another Kadith eventually makes contact with the Aliroos, and with their help, is eventually able to overthrow the dictatorial Emperor Khaxki. This SL is instrumental for introducing the world of M'rey, the Kadith, and many of the main characters in the RPG.

Random events during the Kadith SL

  • Vail arrives from PokeWorld, along with Arasan and James
  • Fink ends up killing Rhagar Hhallas, leader of "Jaki Squadron" and chief rival for power after Dhakath Khaxki dies
  • Saveen's abusive Father is "dealt" with by Blu Flyer

[edit] Rigger Arc

The conclusion of the Battle of Katrees brings with it something strange - Blu Flyer appears to disappear from the middle of the melee. Careful examination of available footage reveals that she's been kidnapped by Katt Monroe, a powerful mage and universal scoundrel. James, Fink, Joe and Saveen decide to give chase. With a little help from Risua Darkfire, they are able to rig into the Flux and find the wayward warrior and, to everybody's surprise, a formerly missing Cobalt Connery. Odd things indeed..

Random events during the Rigger SL:

  • The Kadith Empire becomes a Republic and joins the Alliance, with Fink as the Ambassador
  • An assassin attempts to kill Fink, but fails
  • Vail dances at a local club on PokeWorld and ends up getting kidnapped by a mysterious group, later identified as the "Abode"
  • Pheobe resurrects Jeff Hibiki, then begins to twist the youngster to her power
  • Aliroo pilots learn to fly the Obsidian
  • James and Arasan are Alirisized

[edit] Animorphs SL

Newly Alirized James and Arasan find themselves called to a world under siege by the parasitic Yeerks. Resolving to help the Animorphs with their own special power, James and Arasan venture with the group into a Yeerk pool. Diseaster strikes as Arasan as infested by a Yeerk, and James only barely escapes with his life. This brief but poignant Sl ends with Arasan and her new Yeerk vanishing into the Universe, leaving James to fend for himself.

Random events during the Animorphs SL

  • Forces begin gathering for the Shadow SL

[edit] Spike Mini-arc

Not an SL as such, but the events contained within this single post storyline were important enough to classify individually. Blu Flyer is drawn to an Alliance research facility with her blue Ninetails Miller to investigate an incident. She arrives to discover that the Xenomorph being studied has broken free and infested the station, destroying many of the scientists in the process. Blu faces down and defeats the menace, but not before being severely injured. The injuries result in mildly acidic blood, and peculiar "spikes" that grow from her shoulder. Miller is not so lucky, he is impregnated by a facehugger and gives "birth" to Spike, a slightly mad but surprisingly loyal Xenomorph that bonds to Blu.

[edit] Tigen/Gobrianna SL

The introduction of Bri as an idot, and Gobrianna and Tigen as a character. Pokemon trainer Gobrianna discovers an individual named Tigen, who later discovers that he is an Aliroo. That's just the beginning for Gobrianna, who soon discovers that her best friend Blu Flyer is *also* an Aliroo. Befuddled, Bri is eventually brought back to M'rey with the two 'Roos, and she begins to understand the new ways of the Universe.

Random events during the Tigen/Gobrianna SL

  • Fink futzes around on Katrees, nearly getting killed (again) in the process. He is closing in on a conspiracy though, and it could be sticky
  • Gobrianna gets acquainted with M'rey

[edit] James/Gobrianna SL

James returns from Animorph Earth, and finds himself face to face with a young girl named Gobrianna. They bond quickly enough, and the pair eventually head to PokeWorld to have a look about Risua Darkfire's hut. To their shock, they discover that they are brother and sister, children of Darkfire. The Rain Dragon soon appears to the both of them, taunting Gobrianna and trying to goad James into a fight with Pheobe. The pair dodge Darkfire for a time, eventually heading to Amber in hopes of unlocking the power they need through the Pattern. Gobrianna walks the Pattern, and comes face to face with her Mother, then goes beserk. In the end, only James can stop the rampaging Bri, and the pair are bonded forever.

[edit] Pheobe Arc

Risua and Pheobe's machinations are always just in the background throughout '99, only briefly bubbling to the surface as the two powerful beings stare each other down. That ends when a 'Roo named Jacey Blue comes from the future and informs her that she is destined to be killed by Pheobe's son, Justynn. Events fall into a whirl as Risua and Pheobe face off, and Justynn attempts to destroy Blu. Through Lufia, M'rey and PokeWorld, the malicious struggle continues. Eventually, Pheobe is destroyed, but not before Lance is killed and imprisoned in a Soul Jar. Justynn fades from history, and Jacey is gone. Blu is saved, and Risua is free to rule her domain with a freehand once again.

Random events during the Pheobe/Jacey/Justynn SL:

  • Vail discovers his identity as a born second-generation Amberite, son of Bleys
  • Blu learns of Lance's feelings for her (well, the crazy ones anyway)

[edit] Alliance vs. Shadows Arc

Blu knows that something is up when a mysterious man shows up and asks, "What do you want?" Her suspicions warranted. As a top figure in the Kadith Republic, Fink soon finds himself faced with coups, attacks on the Republic's character and near war as the strange Shadows nip at the fringes of space. Fink will ultimately be forced to take up the role of Emperor as the interim rep is killed, and the Shadows invade. Katrees is destroyed, and with a blue Kadith named Rea's help, Fink leads the Kadith to M'rey. The entities that destroyed Katrees give chase, and a final stand is made in System One. In the end, the Kadith survive, but barely.

[edit] Pokemon Tournament Mini-Arc

This tournament pitted a number of main characters against each other in an Aliroo Pokemon Tournament. James and Gobrianna and battle, and so do Kate, Blu, Vail, and even a Kadith. Saveen, of course, takes a crack at it *as* a Pokemon. In the end, James and Bri get even closer, and Blu loses to Vail so that he can get a date.

[edit] Return to Pokeworld Arc

[edit] Prelude

James recieves a phonecall, and events are set into motion that will ultimately lead to his death. Arasan has been found, but she's dead, and James is going to find out why. He travels to PokeWorld, and with Vail and Gobrianna's help, he is able to infiltrate Team Rocket. He finds Team Rocket engaged in a vicious street war with the Abode, a rival organization.

James and Bri are seperated when the Rockets are ambushed at a Pokemon Warehouse. James finds himself in a hospital, in the care of none other then Jeff Hibiki, but Bri escapes (albeit with significant psychic scars). Jeff convinces James that he is his friend, then shoots him in the back. James dies, and Gobrianna flees PokeWorld. Jeff has taken his revenge.

[edit] Fallen Star Mini-SL

All of the characters gather at the Fallen Star for drinking and partying. A number of SLs are tied up in this particular setting. Most importantly, Vail finally admits to Blu that he loves her.

[edit] Jeff Returns

Jeff is, for all intents and purposes, the ruler of PokeWorld, and when Gobriann's Gym is burned down, she is once again drawn into the maelstrom. In a quest for ultimate power, Jeff robs Risua Darkfire power by seizing hold of her most precious belongings - Martin the Warrior's Sword, the Grand Veritable, and James Oake's old pendant. The path of destruction widens as Jeff tortures Gobrianna, then strikes a deal with a Kadith crime group and seizes control of the Aliroo Headquarters. Jeff's dream is nearly in reach when he is destroyed - Gobrianna's thrusts Martin's sword through his heart, and he is defeated.

Random Events:

  • The Kadith strike a deal and move to Lorn Holloc
  • Smoothstream, a lost Dragon, is discovered on Earth. She at last escapes, and goes looking for the love of her life
  • The Black Dragon.

[edit] Pokeworld Arc

Mother Pink, the all-important Mew, is ill, and PokeWorld hangs in the balance. Mother Pink is the only one holding back impending doom, and the only way to save her is to find her twin. When they learn of PokeWorld's plight, Bri and company move off to find this mysterious Mew. But they are too late, Mother Pink dies, and PokeWorld falls into darkness. Gobrianna is forced to discover her true power as she fights alongside Omeriae Darkfire and his Father Ramsus as well as the Human resistance OPRAH, lead by former trainer Teal Bjoraker. The Star Blighter, the ultimate evil loosed by the Mews, is at last defeated in Saffron City, knocked from his black horse by Omeriae, who sacrifices himself for the Cradle. The fight is won, but PokeWorld is in ruins. The rebuilding must begin.

[edit] Heretic Arc

Fink has a 'revelation,' and all hell breaks loose. On a trip to Demeter with top aide Rea, Fink finds himself in a Church, and believes that he is touched by some sort of God. Naturally, the godless Kadith don't appreciate this, and Fink soon finds himself out of the throne and on the outside looking in. Tiers Solari rises as Emperor, and much to Fink's chagrin, son Aktrian becomes Solari's Minister of Defense. Fink determines to makes Solari's life miserable, and the pair run about in circles as Fink established a Church on Qwa territory, then ends up bombing their most important festival and framing an innocent woman. Fink is forced to flee the planet, but ends up getting caught anyway when he is made to rescue the Qwa he framed by benefactor Riley. Fink is put on trial, but is released on a technicality. All is well that ends well, especially for Fink. He gets off the hook, and he gains his future mate and an adopted child to boot.

[edit] Rain Dragon Saga (2000)

[edit] White Arc

A multi-species crime ring is wreaking havoc throughout the Universe, but attention is drawn to the frigthtening White. A silent, albino Aliroo with a mouth permanently sewn shut, he inspires terrible fear in all who approach him. White is soon drawn to Gobrianna's incredible power, leading the younger to fear for her life. With Cobalt's help, Gobrianna and company are able to escape a time trap (they were all flung into entirely different worlds) and defeat White before he could take the energy of a newborn planet for himself.

  • Blu Flyer is impregnated

[edit] Vail's Altverse Arc

Vail wakes up to find himself in a frightening new Universe, a world in which the Aliroo Alliance and Kadith Empire are at war, and hope seems to be lost. As Vail travels through this bleak world, he tries his best to save the beleagured Aliroos, sharing a few tender moments with an alternate Blu in the process. But in the end, it is all for naught. The Kadith break into System One after conquering Aiur, and General Fink himself lands on M'rey. As the world burns around him and everybody Vail holds dear dies, he flees and finds himself cornered near a precipice as the Kadith approach. Rather then be captured, Vail takes a leap of faith, and awakens in what seems to be a deserted world. He is at last able to escape with the help with an individual who seems to be the lone denizen of the world, a girl who lives near a river. The river leads back to the "true?" reality, and Vail must readjust to the world as he knew it.

[edit] Vampire/Gundam Arc

Empress Miyubuki, matriarch of the Alicats had been pregnant with a litter of Alicat kittens, but when she birthed them, all was dead but one. The last was a Vampire, and she had slain all of her children. An attempt was made to purify the little one, and it seemed to be successful, but Mayanoka was soon to resurface. Calling forth an army of Vampires, including Saveen, Mayanoka unleashes her wrath upon the Universe. Chased by the Gundamers, the Vampiric gang was eventually defeated, but not before destroying the unfortunate Raionel, Mayanoka's Father. Mayanoka was not slain though, only defeated. She waits now to regain lost power..

Random Events

  • Camus Finnegan appeared around this time. Called up by new Chair'Roo Lance O'Ryan (Blu had retired), he served as an advisor over even the venerable Kiv. Camus was eventually able to seize the chair for himself.
  • Fink makes up with son Aktrian

[edit] Daavak Arc

When White is defeated, Daavak's soul is at last free. The once slave of Risua Darkfire, Daavak is Gobrianna's Father. Thrilled to find a new link to her past, Gobrianna begins working in earnest to recover Daavak's physical form. But she comes against unexpected resistance - Ramsus Darkfire, Risua's Brother. He takes Daavak's soul, claiming that he is the piece that is needed to resurrect the lost Rain Dragon. Gobrianna is infuriated, and she even attempts to stand up to her more powerful Uncle. But, to her surprise, Ramsus is suddenly imprisoned - He had angered somebody from above, and the powerful Rain Dragon has been imprisoned to think of his actions. Unfortunately, Daavak is lost as well..

[edit] Schlessinger Arc

Teal and Gobrianna abruptly find themselves on a new sort of world with Cobalt's help. Unbeknownst to the pair, they are on the same world that Vail recently escaped, and they are about to fall into a terrible trap. The world holds Schlessinger, Pheobe's former operative and a powerful mage who happens to be obesessive over Gobrianna. With a careful sleight of paw, Schlessinger is able to decieve Teal and steal away Gobrianna while escaping his once prison. Teal gives chase, and soon finds himself in London. What follows is a tense chase as Teal looks for the woman that he has come to love while Schlessinger tries ferverantly to break her. Watch for the spectacular train sequence at the end, and the arrival of the colorful Black Company.

[edit] Academy Arc

Fink is bored and broke, so he moves to M'rey and takes a job as a starfighter instructor to make a little extra money. With a new protege in hand, Fletcher, Fink begins the long and ardurous task of molding the youngsters in his image. Unfortunately, by the end, Iniri is fed up and departs Fink's company, leaving behind Tayand and the Kadith she had once loved.

[edit] 3GSL Saga (2001)

[edit] Rion's Revival/Return to Pokeworld 2 Arc

A somewhat rebuilt PokeWorld attempts to enter the Aliroo Alliance, but is thwarted by a similarly reborn Team Rocket lead by, of all people, Teal's former aide Rachel. Camus is permanently crippled, Team Rocket gains TDT tech, and PokeWorld is again thrown into disarray as the 'Rockets seize power. But, as before, the Rockets are overthrown, and a legitimate Government returns. Unfortunately, Rachel escapes..

This above SL encompasses three SLs. It serves as a backdrop to the 3GSL as Rei is rather held up by Rachel and her cronies. It also offers a glimpse into the life of the scientist who once created TDTs for Team Rocket, along with a robotic little girl. Finally, there is the main plot. The second has yet to be explored fully, but will surely be picked up soon.

[edit] Trigoddess War Arc

The most massive undertaking in AliRPG history defies a simple summary. Encompassing multiple storylines, this sweeping epic sheds light on the creation of the Universe and the people who live in it. When a warrior named Emilio is slain and brought to the TriGoddess Ruu, the Universe is destined to be turned on its ear. The journey encompasses every world imaginable, from M'rey to Lufia, as Ruu strives to save the Universe (and herself) by destroying it. Unfortunately, her two sisters stand in the way, and the Avatars await in the wings. The SL spans the entire Universe, and all time, and it is the AliRPG's Magnum Opus.

[edit] Lufia Arc

[edit] Temple Rises Finale Arc

[edit] World Saga

[edit] Raccoon Island & the Dread Pirate Wesker

Justin Maverick and crew are introduced, boarded by Captain Axis Foxx, and then they all go to Raccoon Island to undo the gender-bending curse Maverick got from stealing the Dread Pirate Wesker's treasure and to retrieve Axis's ship. There they meet up with Lizzy Siren and Avery, who've been sent by Dragon White as part of a scheme to capture Maverick. After temporarily taking care of that problem, Maverick and company take Wesker's treasure to Raccoon Island, which turns out to be inhabited by zombies. And small children. Anyway, they fight the zombies, return the treasure, jump off a cliff, rescue Trick and Carpe from the small children, return said small children to Wendy, and set off for Centria to rescue Lizzy's crew. But first, they fight Olivia. Also, over the course of this arc they pick up a crapload of stowaways.

[edit] Jakkal Continent Arc

Billy tries to steal from Aroshi, then ends up following him back to Kamleon, making this section header sort of misleading. They get robbed by the Skyfire clan, then track them down and get taken prisoner. Aroshi then whips out his 1337 majik skills and gets all their stuff back, and then some. Raqille asks Aroshi to help him take back control of Kamleon continent, and Aroshi says, "Sure thing!" Ebony and Mrell, who have been dispatched to tell Aroshi he's up next to catch Maverick, find him at the Skyfire camp. He returns with them to Centria. During this arc, Aroshi flirts with a lot of people.

===Dragon vs. Everyone=== (This section gets to be two parts because, well, Ash can't summarize very well.)

The King of Centria is assassinated, and Dragon gets put in charge. Maverick and company sneak into Centria disguised as White Maji. Aroshi captures Maverick, releases him immediately, and then gets lured into Dragon's trap to control his mind. In the meantime, Maverick walks right into the other trap Dragon's set up to catch him. After a few days, Amart calls sanctuary, Color breaks the spell on Aroshi, Amart breaks the spell on Maverick [1] (Linked for utter ROFLMAO), and then everything else gets taken care of. Attempts are made to stabilize Centria's political situation, which ends up basically putting mostly Aroshi, but also Amart, in charge.

Someone attempts to assassinate Aroshi, but he's rescued by Noctorious. Everyone knows Dragon's behind it, but also agree there may be someone behind Dragon, so they decide to snoop around for information. In the meantime, Aroshi, Noct, and Color go looking for Taiya because Aroshi is curious about her resistance to her majik. While they do this, Color gets kidnapped and wakes up with Dragon and Olivia. Maverick sets up a spell to find Dragon, but before it actually finishes, Taiya and, by mistake, Rue are also kidnapped and brought to Dragon. Noct rescues both of them at great risk to his own life, but everyone comes back and Maverick finishes off Dragon. Everyone except for Aroshi, who is shot and has the most epic crack dream ever.

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