Demesne of Lyonesse

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Demesne of Lyonesse

The Demesne of Lyonesse is a four-sim estate owned by Tascha Klees and co-founded by Lois Allen and Tristan Meriman, which forms a linked yet culturally distinct part of the Adam ondi Ahman continent.



From the earliest published covenant:

"The Demesne of Lyonesse was founded . . . for the purpose of creating and enjoying beauty, both of nature and human construction, and to enjoy good company in peaceful surroundings. . . . The name LYONESSE was chosen in attempt to capture the ancient, old world, mythological, mystical, honourable, moral, and mysterious penchant of people who have a desiderata for such imagery and lost, forgotten ages."

To this end, the Demesne has significant restrictions on building. In general terms:

  • No harsh modern architecture
  • Usually no roads or other means of transport
  • Usually no vehicles -- some exceptions for horse-drawn, magical, outré, or fantastical vehicles
  • "This is not the Real World; toilets, kitchens, roads, airports are not necessary."
  • No commercial activity except in specifically set aside areas
  • No commercial or obstructive signs, billboards, or rotating prims
  • There are 16 bullet points in the Building Code.


Deseret was originally built by Skyler Goode in May 2007 as the third sim of his Adam ondi Ahman estate. On 3 August 2007 he sold the sim outright to Tascha Klees. The other three Demesne of Lyonesse sims were delivered to Tascha on 24 August 2007.

Most of the non-reserved lands in the four sims were plotted for sale and posted on the weekend of 22-23 September 2007.


As part of the larger Adam ondi Ahman entity, the Demesne of Lyonesse recognizes the governance of the Adam ondi Ahman council. The three founders of the Demesne were and are elected members of the council, and other councillors are also estate managers there.


The Demesne of Lyonesse group serves landowners and other interested parties. On 7 October 2007 it had the following members: DarkNight Legend, Eric Tilling, Floria Beaumont, Galactic Baroque, Ilya Capra, Lily Lioncourt, Lois Allen, Mahala Hudson, Mosseveno Tenk, Skyler Goode, Snookums Voom, Tascha Klees, Tristan Meriman, Tyrilian Emmons, Valentine Janus, WD Klees, and Zarahemla Jewell.

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