Lois Allen

From Adam Ondi Ahman

Lois Allen was one of the LDS Church members who helped to found Adam ondi Ahman in March of 2007. Her Family History Centre moved from the Mouse Point sim to a couple of different Adam ondi Ahman locations before settling in a prominent place on the central square.

Lois is well-known for her eclectic and oft-changing land holding in the north of Deseret sim. It currently has a castle, a treehouse, and a lighthouse and is always very British. She also gives elephant rides on an irregular basis.

When the islanders elected their first governing council in June 2007, Lois turned down nominations for both chair and vice chair, but was elected to a regular council seat. She chairs the Arts, Education, and Culture committee.

In August and September of 2007, Lois co-founded the Demesne of Lyonesse with Tascha Klees and Tristan Meriman.

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