Valentine Janus

From Adam Ondi Ahman

Valentine Janus (rezzed 16 Mar 2007) is a Second Life businesswoman, historian, and public official. Her businesses are Val's Recreation Center in Adam ondi Ahman and Cumorah, and Octagon House Publishers and Booksellers in Caledon Mayfair.

Valentine is also the official historian of Adam ondi Ahman, and published the history of those sims in Worlds and Lives Abound: An Early History of Adam ondi Ahman in Second LifeĀ® in July 2007. When the islanders formed their first governing council, Valentine was elected as the council's vice chair. She chairs the council's Business and Development committee.

In September 2007, Guvnah Desmond Shang of Caledon named her as the seventh Caledon Ambassador. In that capacity Val has negotiated an exchange of embassies between the nations of Caledon and Adam ondi Ahman. The Caledon embassy here will be on Deseret, and the Adam ondi Ahman embassy there will be on Caledon Regency.

Her profile lists interests in games, languages, politics, religion, and sport.

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