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Adam ondi Ahman is a sim located at (888,1111) which later became the jumping-off point for a multi-sim continent, also known as Adam ondi Ahman. The sim was opened on 9 March 2007.



It was founded by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often known as Mormons, as a place to live apart from some of the excesses found in Second Life. Skyler Goode is the estate owner. Other pivotal figures in the discussion leading up to the founding included Adrian Gabreski, CarrieAnn Nurmi, Coriantumr Noltenius, Dennis Pencer, Lois Allen, Paladin Palmer, and Zan Mann. Tristan Meriman chairs the governing council.


Several builds here pre-date the creation of the sim, especially including Zan Mann's commissioned reproduction of a Latter-day Saint meetinghouse, Lois Allen's Family History Centre, and Skyler Goode's LDS Peace Garden. These and other informational and educational builds are located within or just beyond a central square that remains the focal point of the entire continent.

Other large builds include the offices for the governing council, Inspired Technologies Tower, Sunset View Apartments, and Val's Recreation Center.


Much of this sim is devoted to the public spaces and educational builds in and near the square and generally maintained under estate ownership. Other land-owning residents of the sim include Arizona Noel, CarrieAnn Nurmi, Garren Barkley, Rosalie Fleury, and Valentine Janus. The Sunset View Apartments on the west of the sim are home to several other area regulars.


The name comes from the Latter-day Saint scriptures.

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