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Taliesinn is the name of one of the houses, or 'seats', of the Arthurian society. The taliesinn are the communications and media operators who are, relatively speaking, the most charismatic and social of the Arthurians.




Though Arthurian history is still shrouded in mystery, some British researchers have managed to put together a possible timeline of Taliesinn Seat. They have discovered that Taliesinn was one of the founding seats, the Server Maintenance team on the Arthur taking on the title in year 132 of the journey, at the same time as Arthur Seat, Colgrevance Seat, Galahad Seat and Gawain Seat took their titles.

The Merlin Server

It was Taliesinn Seat that slowly upgraded the Merlin Server, and split its processors to form new Servers for each Seat.

New Iowa

In the first encounter between the Arthurians and the inhabitants of the planet Avalon, known as New Iowa by the natives, it was Taliesinn 2 who was first sent out to make contact with the humans, and send reports back to the Arthur as things progressed.

Relations between the seat of taliesinn and the other seats of the Arthurian round table are mixed, as the taliesinn often believe in communication as the process to resolving conflict which conflicts with the willingness of other Arthurian seats to adopt more militaristic protocols, however after the agression that evolved from the first contact between the Arthurians and people of Avalon, Taliesinn 2 entered a statement onto the central network stating that: "Even the most fanatical of the Arthurians seem like pacifist knights compared to the new breed of Americans, who don't seem to interested in leaving anyone alive to ask questions of after firing first."

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