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Colgrevance Seat is responsible for resource allocation and logistics on the Arthur. It operates much like a public service that liaises with and supplies all other seats. Colgrevance members take themselves very seriously, and effect a consummately refined demeanour at all times.




Colgrevance was a founding Seat, created in Year 132 of the journey when the Administrative Team of the Arthur took on the title. Over time they came to see themselves as second only to Arthur Seat, as they essentially held the Arthur's purse-strings.

Planning for the Return

A year before the Arthur arrived in the Griffin System, it emerged that it was somehow inhabited. It was at this point that the last Colgrevance Prime hatched the plan that would become the Taliesinn Doctrine - the construction of new 'pre-implants' for New Iowan children, who would start their integration into the Merlin server earlier than normal Arthurian children. It was controversial, supported by Taliesinn Seat, opposed by Galahad and Gawain Seats, with Palamedes abstaining. Arthur Prime broke the tie, decreeing that Colgrevance's plan coud go ahead.

New Iowa

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