Gawain Seat

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Gawain Seat is tasked with manufacture, preparation and implantaion of the Arthurians' wetware, as well as the ongoing health of the Arthurian population. They tend to be a humane and caring, and believe in the sanctity of Arthurian lives.


First of the Founders

It is recorded that The Medical Team called the meeting where the Arthur's Teams took on their new names, and that the Chief Medical Officer, one Captain Honoria Thorpe, had already taken on the name 'Gawain' before this meeting. Following this meeting, Gawain Seat worked with Taliesinn Seat in the construction of the Servers and the linking of the implants to them.

Colgrevance's Plan

After Colgrevance Prime created the plan for pre-implantation in what would eventually become the Taliesinn Doctrine, Gawain House created a number of Manufactories that could be deployed to New Iowa's surface, as well as a new type of pre-implant for children.

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