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Juliana Maria-Luisa Santiago is a member of that highly privileged class of Mexican Americans known as Angeles Doradas (Golden Angels) who hold dual full US and Mexican citizenship. Her father Hector Santiago was the CFO for Intelsoft’s South American interests and her mother, Carolina sat on the board of Haliburton Nuclear.

After being unable to reconcile her personal beliefs with the corporatist views of her parents, Juliana left home for University, determined to prove her independence.


Juliana attended UCLA, studying for a Bachelor of Journalism (International). She worked nights to pay her student loans, but fell behind on payments. Her marks dropping and financial situation worsening, she swallowed her pride and asked for help from her parents, something for which she has never forgiven herself.

Professional History

Upon graduating, Juliana went to work for the Central American News Coporation. Her first real story was an expose on the conditions of white Americans in the major cities. Despite her somewhat naive ideals of the journalistic profession, she soon realised that the CANC was just another corporation governed by bureaucracy and ratings-mania, and left to become a freelance reporter.

Upon the death of her Aunt Lucia, Juliana inherited a massive trust fund which meant that she would not have to work again if she so chose. Juliana chose to keep working, but took the opportunity to get out to the stars.
She saw so many amazing things.
She reported on a US/German ship skirmish above Neptune, her photos of the spring blooming on New Iowa won a minor photojournalism award and the famous US magazine “Nightsky” paid her a tidy sum for her piece on Dostoyevsky’s ruling body the Circle.

Current Work

Her curiosity and thirst for information have taken her to Neuostland, in the Chimera system, where she has been uncovering evidence of human rights abuses. Although returned to Arminius by the unimpressed German police, she had developed a craving for truth, and made a number of sacrifices to return to the planet.

The dramatic resolution of the Neuostland Crisis left her unable to return, however, as interplanetary events escalated.

Her article about the events, On the Brink of Destruction, has earned a great deal of international political attention.

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