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Kissinger being sworn in as Secretary of State by Chief Justice Warren Burger, September 22, 1973. President Nixon and Kissinger's mother, Paula, look on.

Welcome to CBF's realm

I have attempted to build a website of my own for quite sometime. It's quite a shame that I was unable to do so, especially that I had worked as a web engineer (on and off) for the past five years. My best attempt was my old university page, but I guess this time its the real mccoy.

About this site

I tend to lead a very active life, but while writing out some cover letters, expressing myself on paper was a cumbersome task. Ideas are useless if no one is there to listen to them. So I guess a website is quite a good thing to express some of them. This page is also a good place to know who I am, and what I've been up to. I am the one searching my life's internet. Your just browsing it. Unfortunately, my life is not "Powered by Google" (yet).

A subtree of this site is dedicated to computer science, because I do want share some of my experience and resources with the internet community. I am a strong advocate of Stallman's Free Movement, so I made available some CS stuff such as projects, codes and applications free of charge. Some bits and tips will also be useful for the general audience.

So who am I?

My name is Charles-Afif Abdul Wahab, and I am a dude from El-Mina, Lebanon in quest of a purpose for life . The purpose of life, in my opinion is conjecture that would make the proof of Fermat's last theorem look like a walk down the Corniche.

If I were to summarize myself in a three word sentence, then it's "illegal brain activity". Or, this is a UNIX whoami command where I verbose myself.

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