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I have attempted to build a website of my own for quite sometime. It's quite a shame that I was unable to do so, especially that I had worked as a web engineer (on and off) for years.

And one day....

I read a book, [[In Search of Memory by Erik Kandell], the famous Columbia University medical professor and Nobel Leaureate, who researched the human brain, and particularly about memory. It is a good book, but when Kandell visited the LSE a few weeks into my reading of the book, I thought it was a strange coincidence. That day, strange amusing things happened, in 24 hours at LPH and as I made it to his lecture, he mentioned one thing: "scientifically, we, or our brain,changes with each memory we acquire. You will leave this room, a different person than when you walked in."

I still cannot grasp that concept.

I tend to lead a very active life, but ideas are useless if no one is there to listen to them. So I guess a website is quite a good thing to express some of them. This page is also a good place to know who I am, and what I've been up to. I am the one searching my life's internet. Your just browsing it. Unfortunately, my life is not "Powered by Google" (yet).

This is my journey into my memory, with an attempt to document it.

So who am I?

It's unimportant really, and I am just the next person on the street, that you will forget once you pass by him. But will you? Have you never passed by a complete random on the street, and somehow you just remember him? That face that looks familiar? It's not familiar, it's actually stored in your memory, but we do not know why. I am a dude from El-Mina, Lebanon in quest of a purpose for life . The purpose of life, in my opinion is conjecture that would make the proof of Fermat's last theorem look like a walk down the Corniche.

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